Essential Membership

iwillA BRIK Fitness Strategy Session designed to direct your group fitness experience. Unlimited access to our cardio-redefined group fitness classes designed by the ONLY gym in Redondo Beach that has a 90% success rate of helping women drop 2 jeans in 8 weeks!

Our Burn Baby Burn classes scientifically designed for fun and fat loss! Interval training is what burns FAT! No treadmill or elliptical machine will tone you as effectively. Total Body classes are the #1 priority! This workout helps build strength and increase lean mass, which helps burns body fat. It is designed to help you perform whether you’re an athlete of life or sport!

Core Conditioning+ classes will wake up that core!
This format combines the best elements of fat loss programming: mobility, core strength and stability, energy system training, and soft tissue work. This class allows you extra time to build a strong foundation in your core.

$89 initiation fee + $229/mo with One Year Contract includes:
A BRIK Fitness Strategy Session
Unlimited access to group fitness classes
Our high energy Burn Baby Burn, Total Body and Core
Conditioning+ classes

To say “thank you” for enrolling today we would like to set you up with everything you need to be successful:

Your “let’s get started today” gift package includes:

• BRIK Fitness Bag ($20 Value)

• BRIK Fitness T-shirt ($25.00 Value)

• BRIK Fitness water tumbler ($15 Value)

• BRIK Fitness Salmon Oil ($20 Value)

• BRIK Fitness $15 Gift Card ($15 Value)